Your pool should be a place that you can enjoy. It should look good and be safe to swim in. Most people are happy when those two things are achieved.

But, a professional company, such as Master Pool & Home Clean, Inc., does more, for the same price.  We have years of experience servicing and repairing both residential and commercial pools and spas.  Of course, we check your chemicals and clean your pool.  But, we also:

  • Examine your filter, and recommend replacement only when necessary,
  • Check your pipes for discharge leaks.
  • Keep an eye on your pump – an experienced pool professional can tell if a pump is in trouble just by its sound.
  • Report to you any problems we see with access to the pool; this simple act could prevent a thief (or the child next door) from entering your pool area.

And, should you desire to add something to your pool, we are experts at helping you choose the correct, and most economical, equipment.  Remember, your pool is one of the most valuable assets on your property.  Adding a heater, salt system, auto flow controller, special lighting, or other equipment adds to the enjoyment and value of your pool.