Every part of your pool will break down or wear out; that’s just an unfortunate fact.  However, this doesn’t always have to be terrible news.  Instead, think of it as an opportunity to make your pool look better or operate in an energy efficient manner that will save you money.

Master Pool Service can provide any repair or remodeling job you need or want.  We will show you all of your options.  Our work includes repair, replacement, and installation of:

  • Pumps, Filters, Time Clocks, Valves, and other equipment;
  • Salt Systems, Pool Vacuums, and Automation;
  • Heaters of all types;
  • Skimmers;
  • Acid Washes and Stain Repair;
  • Full Resurfacing, with Diamondbrite© and other respected brands;
  • Tile & Coping, with hundreds of color and size options;
  • Leak Checks & Repairs.

We can do everything for your pool.You already trust us to be on your property and service your pool.  When the time comes, please trust us to do the rest.

Call us today at 954-588-2669 for a free estimate for Repairs, Remodeling, or Service.