Leak Detection

Why is my pool losing so much water?

A pool will always lose some amount of water.  Sometimes, it will be normal evaporation.  But, your pool professional can tell you if he or she suspects a leak – and how to be sure.

If I have a leak, where is it?

A leak could be anywhere, but some places are likelier than others.  A visible pipe or fitting is a common place to lose water.  These are often referred to as “discharge leaks” and are among the easiest to repair.  Skimmer leaks are also common.  However, they are often more serious.  Occasionally, a leak will be detected underground, which would take time and effort to repair.

What’s so bad about a pool leak?

A pool leak wastes water, which will drive up the water bill.  When fresh, untreated water is introduced to the pool, that water must be treated with extra chemicals.  If this continues, most pool companies will find it necessary to raise the service price on that pool.  In addition, the pool could grow algae and become unhealthy to swim in.  Too much untreated water will result in a green pool.

My pool is leaking; now what?

We will quote you a price for a “leak check”.  This price includes finding the leak, and performing minor repairs, such as patches.  Major repairs (if necessary) will cost more, and would be quoted after the leak is found.  There are a number of methods to find a leak; some are simple, like following the flow of dye placed in the pool.  Sometimes, more extensive methods, like sonar, are required.  Success depends on good procedures, and on the experience to perform those procedures.  Master Pool has that experience.

Is the work guaranteed?

We guarantee the work we do for 60 days, which is industry standard.

Please call us if you suspect your pool has a leak.  We will treat you fairly and take care of the problem.