Help! My Pool is Green

At some time or another, every pool turns green.  When it does, there will be questions:

  • Why is it green?
  • Can I still swim in it?
  • How can we make the water clear again?

Pools turn green because of algae.  Algae grows in water when there are not enough chemicals in the pool to stop it.  That can happen when a lot of fresh/untreated water is introduced to the pool, via a storm or even a hose.  Algae will also ‘bloom’ if the circulation of the pool water is insufficient to properly distribute the chemicals and filter the water.

Even the pools during the 2016 Olympics had this problem, as you can see below, on the right.

When a pool turns green, we strongly advise you NOT to swim in it.  Algae can cause ear infections and other health problems.

If your pool turns green, call us immediately.  We will take steps to fix the problem.

  • – We will ‘Shock’ the pool. That means adding a strong dose of chemicals to kill the algae;
  • – After adding the chemicals, we will usually run the pump for 24 hours or more;
    • – That allows the pool water to be filtered properly and the chemicals to be distributed;
    • – It also ensures that the dead algae is collected in the filter;
    • – Often, that old filter should then be replaced;
  • – The above is accompanied by wall brushing and vacuuming, and may require multiple visits.

As professionals, Master Pool will be able to solve the problem, tell you why it happened, and how to avoid it in the future.  It may be something as simple as running your pump for a few more hours in the Florida summer.

So please, call us today at 954-588-2669 with any problem you see.