Acid Washing Your Pool

Over time, stains that can’t be removed by scrubbing will start to affect the pool’s appearance.  An acid wash is a purposeful stripping of a thin layer of plaster, exposing a fresh layer underneath.

How is it done?  A pool is first drained and the sides are scrubbed.  Then a muriatic acid and water solution is applied to remove a thin layer of topcoat.  Because this actually removes a thin layer of the plaster, pools with very thin, old plaster are not good candidates for acid washing.  It’s very important that experienced pool technicians, like the ones at Master Pool, perform the job.  South Florida pools are vulnerable to structural damage when they’re empty, but a good pool tech will know the needed precautions to prevent such problems.

Is this process safe?  It’s entirely safe for the homeowner.  For the pool technician, it’s safe if they know what they’re doing.  And, of course, our techs know what they’re doing.





Why do an acid wash, considering these potential issues?  Because, most of the time, your pool will end up looking as though it was entirely resurfaced.  Most pool owners are shocked by the amazing improvement of their pool’s appearance.  The pool surface will not only look better, it will feel smoother.  Also, an acid wash will totally eliminate all algae in the pool, and then allow the new water in the pool to be rebalanced properly. And finally, an acid wash is a fraction of the price of a full resurface.                                                                                                                                                                                                       


So if your pool is stained and beat-up, please, call us today at 954-588-2669.